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Project Management

SM Health Communications LLC has vast experience in developing and managing a spectrum of projects of all types in the health care arena. From advisory boards to consensus conferences, from satellite symposia to Web-based meetings, from monograph development to book publishing, the resources of SM Health Communications yield turn-key programs for our clients.

Advisory Boards
Through initial conception through corporate compliance application, recruitment, and onsite direction, SM Health Communications can provide national and regional coverage for your strategic needs. We provide both an executive summary within a few days of your meeting(s), and a comprehensive final report within just weeks, which help direct your next steps and future strategic planning.

Satellite Symposia
SM Health Communications offers the ability to cover all of your bases in symposium develop associated with national professional meetings. We can complete the initial application, work with continuing education providers for commercial grants, direct logistical requirements and onsite meeting management to assure that your symposium attracts the maximum number of quality attendees.

Monograph Development
Often, the goal of a live meeting is to reach more than the 200 professionals who attend the symposium. How do you extend that to 2,000 or 20,000 professionals? SM Health Communications will create an enduring publication to extend the message of the live meeting far beyond the confines of the ballroom symposium location. From writing a manuscript based on the original presentations to conducting interviews with other important opinion leaders, the monograph will get noticed and give you the quality publication you need and expect from a professional editorial communications firm.

DVD Creation and Distribution
Often, the printed format is not desired for a number of reasons, or perhaps you want to reach consumers through a different medium. SM Health Communications can produce an interactive DVD program that grabs your audience, and gives them messages they can remember! Using a mixture of lively interviews, audience response questions, and colorful graphics, these programs can also be accessed online, freeing you up from extensive postal costs (and unnecessary DVD duplication costs).