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One of our most powerful solutions is our mock P&T Committee, more accurately, a virtual P&T Committee–the most tested, unbiased, and reliable P&T Committee simulation you can find. SM Health Communications LLC is one of the original developers of the mock P&T format and has participated in over 70 evaluations for biopharmaceutical products. P&T Insight™ is the closest you can get to a real P&T Committee evaluation.

Will your product be covered by health plans, insurers, pharmacy benefit managers, or other entities? This is the most critical question for your product’s long-term success. Will a competitive product enter the market, displacing yours from the formulary or necessitate the need for new contracting strategies? SM Health Communications is the developer of P&T Insight, the first and most used mock P&T Committee evaluation. Allow us to use this invaluable outcomes measure to address your issues relating to payer market coverage and reimbursement.