Our Services

This is a sampling of the services offered by SM Health Communications: 

Editorial Services
SM Health Communications provides an array of expertise in medical/health care writing and editing. Our writers have covered the entire spectrum, from highly technical clinical issues, health policy research and reviews, payer markets, and news features geared to the lay public.

Market Research

Specializing in the payer markets, we provide in-depth telephone interviews, comprehensive Web-based surveys, and tools to help you get the answers you need for key decision makers as quickly and cost effectively as possible. Ask us about our unique market research products to meet your immediate market access challenges.

Before launch and even postlaunch, the biopharmaceutical, device, and diagnostics industries need business intelligence on whether their product’s value proposition and market positioning will result in advantaged, disadvantaged, or parity placement compared with that of their competitors. Our mock P&T Committee capabilities will cost effectively and reliably fill in the blanks — this is an outcomes test of your payer markets access strategy!

Project Management and Custom Publishing
Have a meeting that you need covered and converted to a monograph? Have a meeting that you want to hold but don’t know how to get started in reaching your audience? SM Health Communications has the answers and expertise to turn that symposium or clinical track into a marketable monograph, distributed to a customizable group of audiences. SM Health Communications can connect your monograph to a recognized publication with the distribution to meet your needs!

Marketing Consulting
Press releases, publication advice, editorial direction — get these services here!

See our blog at http://smhealthcomreports.blogspot.com/ for more about reaching the payer markets.

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